The soft ice cream machine makes 30 ice creams in 45 minutes / 40 ice creams in about an hour!

30 ice creams (vanilla) – 59€

40 ice creams – 69€

Ice-creams: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, blue bubblegum, pink bubblegum, vegan, rum-chocolate (non-alcoholic).

Sorbet (vegan, lactose and gluten free): apple, strawberry, mango, raspberry.

Included in the rental price: soft ice cream maker with selected ice creams, waffles and/or cups* and one topping!

* It is also possible to choose 50% cups + 50% waffles.

If you want two flavors, you need two ice cream makers! Ask for a price!

Childrens’ table (290 g/per):

Thick pancakes with strawberry jam and sour cream (380 g/10 pcs) – 1 set

Chicken nuggets with sauce (650 g/plate) – 1 pcs
Mini-sausage roll (20 g/pc) – 10 pcs

Lavash chips with sour cream sauce (170 g/plate) – 1 set

Fruit plate (1500 g/platter) – 1 plate


Adults table (340 g/per):

Mini ciabatta selection (615 g/15 pcs) – 2 sets

Potato salad with grilled chicken (kg) – 1 kg

Tempura shrimps with sweet chilli sauce (20 g/piece) – 10 pcs

Vegetable plate (1000 g/platter) – 1 plate

Package price: 180 eur

Childrens’ table (270 g/per):

Tortilla selection with ham (1200 g) – 1 set

Miniburger with chicken schnitzel, tomato and pickle (100 g/pcs) – 20 pcs

Mini-sausage roll (20 g/pcs) – 20 pcs

Lavash chips with sour cream sauce (170 g/plate) – 2 plates

Fruit plate (1500 g/platter) – 1 plate


Adults table (250 g/per):

Bruschetta selection (500g/20 pcs) – 2 sets
– with guacamole and salt-salmon (5 pcs.)
– with beet pesto and goat cheese (5 pcs.)
– with sun-dried tomato and mozzarella (5 pcs.)
– parma with ham and red onion jam (5 pcs.)

Chickpea hummus (640 g/plate) – 1 plate

Eggplant rolls with cheese and walnuts (40 g/pcs) – 20 pcs

Shrimps in a crispy potato cocoon (30 g/pcs) – 20 pcs

Mozzarella cherry tomato sticks with homemade pesto (35 g/pcs) – 20 pcs

Roast beef with remoulade sauce on black bread (40 g/pcs) – 20 pcs

Cheese plate (500 g) – 1 plate


Package price: 360 eur 

Capture your child’s happiest moments at Playhouse with talented photographer Madli Matikainen

Brief introduction of Madli: My greatest passion is capturing authentic moments and creating sweet memories through images that last forever. My goal is for everyone to feel comfortable and fully enjoy the moment when taking pictures.

  • The price is 160 eur / 2 hours

  • Before booking, please contact us or the photographer to check availability

  • If desired, the photographer’s service can be booked for both a longer and a shorter period

Kraapsu creates custom party decorations: banners, cake toppers, snack decorations and more to make your and your child’s celebration special and memorable! Playhouse customers with a standing reservation for the playroom, can place an order with -10% discount, using the code Play10.

Order decorations from Kraapsu’s online-store, indicate the date of the party and the reservation number with the order. To make the day of the party particularly convenient, the decorations will be waiting for you in the playroom on the day of the party, but if you wish, you can also pick them up yourself or order them to a parcel machine.

*The minimum pre-order time for decorations is 14 days before the date of the party.

Printsessi Pesa kid’s entertainers will fill your little ones special event with fun games, exciting activities, singalong and forever lasting memories. With each party we will take into consideration the age and preferences of the birthday child so that the party would be as magical as possible.

1h – 120€

1.5h – 160€

Characters: Snow Queen, Ice Princess, Rapunzel and Barbie.

More information: